If you’ve ever shaved, you know this fact all too well: the hair seems to grow back faster than the speed of light. Shave in the morning and your bound to feel a stubble before bedtime. Let’s face it, even if shaving is one of the quickest ways to get rid of hair, it’s a hassle to do often. How exactly can you prolong the effects of your last shave? Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t have to deal with stubbles too soon:


Exfoliating not only removes dead skin, it also teases out tiny hairs underneath the skin’s surface. This will help you remove the sneaky ones and ensure a more thorough shave. Go for an exfoliating glove or a mild body scrub and rub legs in a circular motion.

Use A Quality Razor

Your legs deserve the best and razors are no exception. A good razor, though a little pricey, will save you from a lot of pain (literally) and guarantee a closer shave. Razors with multiple blades, a moisturizing strip as well as a pivoting head are highly recommended. Remember to replace uncomfortable and dull razors.

Glide Against Hair Growth

The aim is to shave as closely as possible to get rid of as much hair as you can. This will make skin smoother than ever.

Wash Legs Before Shaving

Shaving after rinsing legs will eliminate sweat and oils that make razors glide less smoothly. A good rinse will make your razor’s job smoother and help your razor last longer.

Don’t Skimp On Shaving Cream

Soaps are tempting to use but they can clog your razor. Purchase a good shaving cream or gel and clogged razors will be the least of your worries. One of the biggest benefits of using a shaving cream or gel is its hydrating properties which make hair easier to remove. Plus, it will help you achieve a smoother glide.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizing is an important part of any skin regimen. Wash legs thoroughly after shaving your legs then pat dry. The key is to retain some water on the skin and not dry totally nor rub harshly. As you moisturize, the excess water eventually gets sealed in.