Your first time may have been painful.

Most probably it was an experience wrought with nicks, cuts, and the dreaded razor burn. When the inexperienced try their hand at shaving, it can be pretty messy.

If only we didn’t feel the need to be hairless, right? Life would definitely be so much simpler. Whether or not shaving regularly is a personal commitment or you’ve simply succumbed to society’s penchant for hairlessness, here are some common mistakes you may be making:

Exfoliating Right Before

Exfoliating regularly is good practice to remove dead skin, but doing so right before shaving will lead to skin irritation since shaving is abrasive enough as it is.

After shaving, give it a few days before you resume exfoliating since the pores will likely be open and doing so will potentially leave you with wounds.

Not Using Shorter Strokes

Long strokes clog your razor with hair and shaving gel or cream so you may have to shave the same areas again. Use short strokes and make sure to wash your razor in between.

Going For Moisturizers With Alcohol

In case you didn’t know, alcohol dries out skin which makes using lotions with alcohol pretty ironic. Make sure to get an alcohol-free lotion and slather up real good after shaving for smooth legs.

Using Other People’s Razors

One, it’s gross. Two, you could seriously get infections and diseases from sharing razors even if there’s no blood.

Utilizing A Razor That’s Old

If you can’t count how many times you’ve used your razor, you need to get a new one. The longer you use a razor, the duller it gets, and the duller it gets, the chances of getting razor burns increase.

Ditching Baths Or Showers

Sometimes, you’re in a rush so you just want to skip the shower. However, shaving while showering (or better yet right after) will make the skin soft. Doing this extra step will make shaving a lot easier.

Using Soaps

Shaving creams may not be cheap but using soaps will most likely make your skin dry and cause an inflammation while shaving. Soaps can also deteriorate razor blades.

Going For A Swim Right Away

Whether you swim in a public pool or at the beach, swimming immediately after shaving can cause your open pores to react. Chlorine and sand are no-nos.

Being In A Rush

The whole point of shaving is to have smooth, flawless legs. However, not taking the time to shave could leave you with cuts you’d have to cover up with bandages anyway. If you’re going to do it, might as well do it right.

Skipping On Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is especially important during the months of summer when the sun is out and scorching. If you decide to go out in the sun with freshly-shaven legs, put on some sunscreen or you may wind up with a sunburn.

Make sure to remember these for hassle-free shaving sessions!