Whether or not it’s summer, pubic hair is a source of annoyance to many ladies. At one point or another, you’ve probably found yourself reaching for a razor to eliminate those irksome pubes and have had to deal with inflammation as well as bumps.

Are you looking for the best shaving method – one without those annoying consequences? If you answered yes, these are the steps you need to follow:

Get Yourself A Quality Razor

What’s the difference between a disposable razor and a razor with multiple blades? One is best for travelling (when you just need to get it done) while the other is for longer term use. Choose a razor that’s sturdy with soothing strips because it makes all the difference and removes hair more effectively. Remember your bikini line is sensitive so don’t skimp on the razor you use. Go for the best one and your privates will thank you.

Make Necessary Preparations

If your pubes are too long, get a pair of small scissors and snip it first to about less than a centimeter. After you’ve trimmed, use warm water to soak it for a few minutes (ten minutes will do) to soften the skin. Not only will this make it less of a hassle to remove the hair, this will also help prevent razor burns. Once you’re done soaking it, make sure to dry it off with a soft towel. Next, exfoliate the area – make sure to do this gently – with a wet face towel or washcloth to nudge out ingrown hair.

Put On Some Shaving Gel (or Cream)

You may think the sole purpose of these gels is to add fragrance but it’s actually important to apply a thin layer before shaving. If you don’t put on enough you’re bound to graze the skin and leave it inflamed. Again, get yourself one that’s good-quality with moisturizing properties.

Shave Wisely

It’s typical practice to shave against the growth of hair but this will actually cut the follicle and leave bumps. Gently glide the razor and maintain the blade in downward position without putting a lot of pressure. Using a razor with multiple blades requires only one or two strokes so you won’t need to shave the same area again.

Immediately Rinse After

As soon as you’re done, wash the area clean then hold a cool compress for about ten minutes to the area. This will prevent inflammation. You can also apply serums for anti-redness to decrease the chances of getting razor burn. In case of inflammation, use corticosteroid creams. For infected bumps, you may have to use oral or topical antibiotics.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Apply moisturizer (best to use alcohol-free, unscented variants) to the bikini line to prevent skin from drying since this may lead to irritation. Don’t go for creams that are heavy to avoid clogged pores.

Keep Your Razor Clean

Make sure to rinse your razor throughly every time after shaving. Hot or warm water as well as alcohol should do the trick. If you’ve been using your razor for quite some time and it seems rusty, it’s time to dispose of it and get a new one. Your razors can become home to bacteria when they’re exposed so don’t forget to store them somewhere dry and clean.

Happy shaving!