If you think shaving underarms and legs is a hassle, imagine shaving your lady garden!

If you’re impatient and clumsy, you might want to rethink doing this because it requires attention and a whole lot of patience. You’ll be dealing with a delicate area surrounded by plenty of thick hair. You may have shaved other areas faster than lightning but this one is an exception. Here’s how to achieve a close, hassle-free shave:

  1. Pick a shaving gel or cream carefully. Stay out of harsh soaps and get yourself a shaving cream that’s going to treat your ladybits well while helping you attain a sleek shave.
  2. Invest in a high quality razor. You’re pretty much begging for cuts and nicks if you decide to get a cheap and disposable razor. Instead, purchase a razor with more than one blade and a head that can rotate. You can maneuver this much easily and will help you shave closely and smoothly. In case you have extra delicate skin, a single blade that’s high-quality will suffice.
  3. Trim it. Cut hair first and make sure it’s as short as it can be by using a comb while trimming with scissor or clippers. Doing this will help your razor last longer.
  4. Indulge in a warm bath or shower. A few minutes of warmth will help prepare the hair follicle and soften your skin. The length of time varies, five minutes is enough for some while others may take ten minutes.
  5. Eliminate dead skin. Exfoliating is good practice to help you achieve a smoother glide.
  6. Apply oil meant for pre-shaving. Not only does it moisturize skin, it also serves as a shield to help your razor glide easily and prevents the hassles that come with shaving like ingrown hairs and inflamed skin.
  7. Dab some shaving gel or cream. Skin needs to be damp, not wet, when you apply it. A shaving brush is good to use, in case you have one, to help raise the hair for optimal shaving.
  8. Shave it off. If you know the direction your hair grows, shave there first before proceeding with the reverse direction. Avoid shaving the same spot several times.
  9. Clean your blade. You will see your razor clogging a few times while you shave so make sure to rinse it in between.
  10. Wash. It’s important to properly rinse the skin after and gently dry the area with a towel.
  11. Apply lotion. Moisturizing is important so put on some aftershave cream or lotion. Just make sure it’s mild.
  12. Prevent inflammation. Ingrown hairs are pretty common so grab yourself a product that will help prevent usual shaving problems.


  • It would be best to shave when you don’t have your period since the skin will be less sensitive and shaving will be much less messy.
  • Be careful because the tendency to accidentally cut yourself is high. A portable mirror will help you navigate as you shave.
  • Shaving can be awkward but it’s recommended to do it in the shower so you can position yourself more comfortably.
  • If you feel like trying something new, you can design your pubic hair.
  • A Brazilian wax can keep your bush hair-free for weeks while shaving only lasts a few days. This is also a good option if you don’t mind the pain!