School’s out and the kids are home. What can you do to make sure they stay entertained? Children love to learn and try new things. Take the opportunity to teach them life skills or to show them more about the world. Let them have fun and also to start being more responsible. Depending on their age, you can encourage more independence in various ways, preparing them for life.

Get Out In The Garden

Start a vegetable garden with your kids. If you have the space outside, get them in the dirt with spades or if you live in a smaller space, try container gardening. Teach them about planting seasons, and ask them what they would like to grow. Start an herb garden for the kitchen. Flowers do particularly well during the summer heat, and some vegetables like beans, squash (have you ever heard of summer squash?), eggplant, peppers, and watermelon.  You and your children will benefit from the fresh air, sunshine and quality time together. There is a lot that you can do, such as starting a compost pile or collecting seeds together on a nature walk. Children love the freedom and watching their efforts blossom and bloom. Even the youngest child can water a plant and it teaches them to love plants and animals, as they might find caterpillars or birds with their garden. Be sure to enjoy the harvest after by making delicious meals.

Teach Them How To Cook

A younger child might be old enough to learn how to boil water and make macaroni and cheese. Older kids are ready to cook reasonable meals. Make an effort to find out what their favorite meals are, and learn recipes. Go to a farmer’s market and collect ingredients, or give them a grocery list and tell them to keep an eye out for the best prices. Visit the library and look at meal ideas together. Your diet will be healthier once you start cooking more meals together, and you will try interesting recipes. Create delicious smoothies or savory dishes.


Go for a bike ride together, even if it’s a short one to the shops. Get ice cream somewhere they haven’t been before. Show them how to use the bus and ride it together. Even if you have a car, traveling on public transportation is a good way to see the world from a different perspective and meet new people. Take a train ride and enjoy watching the view out of the window. Children will enjoy the novelty of adventure and it’s a way to get them to be more brave. If the child is older, maybe send them to visit a relative that they don’t normally see. Strengthen family bonds by visiting relatives together if you can. Your loved ones would be happy to see them and spend time with them, and your kids will love the attention and hearing family stories. If summer camp is an option then enroll them for at least one session. Your kids will take fun field trips and make friends