Essential oils can be used for a variety of different reasons. There are so many to choose from, and they have been used for centuries as a cure for numerous different ailments both physical and mental. The particles in essential oils, which come from various parts of the plant such as the flowers, twigs, leaves or bark, can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Are you aware of which essential oils do what? To improve your health read below to find out which essential oils you can use to improve your health.


Organic Lavender oil

The scent of lavender is fresh, sweet, and floral and is used for treating a number of mental ailments. The calming scent of lavender can help you fight depression, anxiety irritability, mental fatigue, panic attacks, and stress. If you have had a tough day in the office, at home, or at work, try burning some lavender oil in your oil burner and enjoy a tranquil bath to really wind down.


Peppermint oil

This well-known minty and refreshing fragrance is a very popular ingredient in many home remedies due to its medicinal and beneficial properties. Adding some drops of peppermint oil to your oil burner or your aroma diffuser can help you to combat ailments such as mental fatigue, nausea, headaches, exhaustion and vertigo. If you are feeling a bit sick or are recovering from a migraine or sickness bug, you will benefit from peppermint oil.


Tea tree oil

When it comes to essential oils for health, it’s hard to top tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is derived from the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia plant, and can help to diminish a range of skin conditions, such as athlete’s foot, fungal infections and insect bites. Try mixing tea tree oil with a carrier such as Aloe Vera gel or coconut oil, and apply gently onto blemishes to help them heal faster. Tea tree oil is also great for adding to your regular shampoo to promote scalp health and keep dandruff at bay.


Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is your perfect accomplice when the cold and flu season sets in. Eucalyptus is simply amazing for clearing your nasal passages and lungs. Just add a few drops to steaming water or sprinkle or onto your tissue/handkerchief and take a few whiffs throughout the day for immediate relief. This is also a great way to soothe allergies.


If you haven’t tried or used essential oils before, now is the time to start. Essential oils are a great way to improve your health naturally without any nasty chemicals. Even though essential oils are natural and safe to use, be sure to check for contraindications and warnings before using them, particularly if you are pregnant or have any existing medical conditions. You don’t have to resort to over-the-counter medications that have dangerous and unknown side effects at the first signs of illness.