Common Mistakes That Pink Shave Fixed

Since 2016, Pink Shave has taken the shaving industry to new levels. Determined to provide women with the best shave possible, Pink Shave has developed great products for an even better price. However, great products and awesome prices can’t fix everything. Missed spots or razor burns happen to everyone. Dry shaving and using old blades are commonly overlooked. After listening to several experts, Pink Shave has combined the advice into one article to ensure you have the best shave without any mistakes.

Mistake #1:  “Not Applying Shave Cream”

Solution:  Pink Shave developed a specially formulated shave cream to ensure that your skin receives the nutrients it needs, and you can shave without acquiring a burn or bump.

Sometimes we end up dry shaving when we are rushing to get dressed. However, this is one of the number one causes of razors bumps or burns.


Mistake #2:  “Not Renewing Your Blade”

Solution:  With every subscription, Pink Shave provides a total of 4 blades for 1 month, and you will never have to worry about stopping at the store or using an old blade.

Sometimes, we are too busy to get another razor or we forget to stop at the store. Either way, using old blades can result in cuts, burns or bumps.


Mistake #3:  “Not Using Shave Cream As A Guide”

Solution:  Pink Shave’s shave cream is designed to foam so that once it is on the skin, it will remain noticeable until you have shaved the area. This way you won’t miss any spots.

Nothing is worse than having to step back into the shower to get the spot you missed. Unfortunately, not using shave cream as a guide as you shave results in missed spots.


Mistake #4:  “Not Providing The TLC Needed”

Solution:  Pink Shave has developed Bikini Smooth which is excellent for proving the TLC your skin needs! Not only will it prevent your skin from developing ingrown hairs, but it also hydrates and nourishes the skin.

After we shave, it is always important to provide the TLC needed to keep the area smooth and free of ingrown hairs. While a nice moisturizer will keep the skin smooth and hydrated, it won’t prevent the skin from developing ingrown hairs.

With Pink Shave’s delivery service, you will never have to worry about running out. Nevertheless, Pink Shave is continuously working to ensure that every aspect of shaving is great for each and every one of our customers!

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