Sometimes your hair can actually let you know whether it is happy and healthy or a bit miserable and in need of some serious TLC. The good thing is that your hair will visually display what it’s issues are; you just have to keep watch for these so you can give it what it needs accordingly or parade it round because it’s quite simply beautiful. Allow us to let you in on some secrets your hair is trying to tell you…


Dull or thinning hair

Dull or thinning hair can be a sign of eating too much junk. A diet consisting of highly processed foods can lead to locks that are dull or thin. Don’t forget, you are what you eat. Without a balanced diet, the body transports whichever nutrients it can get to your heart and other crucial organs, leaving your hair behind.


Your hair is falling out a lot

You naturally lose about 80 to 100 hairs per day and this is completely normal. But if you notice the loss is more than what’s out of the ordinary, it could be telogen effluvium—a period of hair thinning caused by psychological and physical stressors. Are you working too hard or hate your job? Luckily, this is completely reversible. 



If your hair is frizzy, then this can be an indication that it’s seriously lacking in moisture. Your hair may just be naturally quite dry or this may be a result of over styling it a lot. The good news is that this can be fixed in a number of different ways. If you need to style your hair then always use heat protection products to prevent loosing moisture. If your hair is crying out for instant moisture, then try to give it some instant hydration with a hair mask or use some jojoba or Argan oil to nourish it immediately.


Dandruff and flaky skin

If you suffer from dandruff or flaky skin on your scalp then this is an indication that the shampoo you are using isn’t agreeing with your hair and scalp. Switch to a moisture rich or medicated shampoo to tackle the problem head on. You could also benefit from drinking more water to hydrate yourself and your skin needs looking after from the inside as well as the outside.


Excess shine

If your hair has excess shine and is getting greasy quickly then you have excess oil production in your scalp. You can rectify this by ensuring you use a medicated shampoo, which is especially for oily hair, as it will help to dry it out a little. Dry shampoo is a good choice for those with oily hair as it immediately lifts grease.


Always take note of your hair as it will be holding secrets to your internal and external health. Take care of your hair from the inside out by eating right, drinking enough water and usual a shampoo which is tailored to your hair type.