Toxic fumes from the environment have been found to be the primary causes of many skin aging problems, especially in highly polluted countries of the world. Aside from speeding up the aging process, toxic fumes can cause other problems such as respiratory disorders and cancers. Though the skin has its natural barriers that seem to be totally impenetrable, some micro portions of polluted air can seep through the skins’ top layer through an absorption process. When this occurs every day, it will eventually pave the way for premature aging.

Regardless of how polluted your environment can become, there are steps you can take in fighting the aging effects of pollution.

Having a power skin cleaning

The particulate matter in the air is almost 20 times smaller in size than particles of polluted air on the ground surface, this means they can easily penetrate through the skin barrier. When daily cleaning routines are performed, these particles are eliminated gradually before they can cause inflammation and irritation. The use of a cleaning brush along with a gentle cleanser can help you fight or reverse the aging effects of pollution.

Making use of antioxidants

Antioxidants may be consumed through fruits and vegetables, or through natural skin care products. Antioxidant serums used for skin care routines have been found to be highly effective in removing dead and unhealthy skin cells from deep in the skin pores. The concentrated components in these serums can bring down the level of lipid breakdown, through the neutralization of free radicals brought about by agents of pollution. Make sure you consume as much as 3-5 portions of fruits and veggies on daily basis.

Protect your skin from extreme sunlight exposure

Though early morning sunshine can be a good source of some vitamins, staying for too long in extreme sunshine can trigger the damaging effects of pollution. UV rays from the sun are quite damaging on the skin and you may want to protect yourself with a body cream or lotion with an SPF rating of at least 15. You may also want to choose a skin care treatment containing substantial amounts of Vitamin C, to stimulate collagen production which strengthen the skin against pollution.

Keep your skin hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated can help in protecting it against pollution. The skin’s protective barriers are greatly enhanced when the skin stays hydrated. A healthy barrier can keep skin irritation and inflammation at bay. When your skin is dry, it can become easily inflamed or irritated by chemicals from polluted air and water. It is important to wash your skin twice daily and apply moisturizer on daily basis to protect it from pollutants.

Other possible ways you can fight aging effects from pollution include; wearing protective clothing especially when staying for prolong periods of time in the sun, and detoxifying the body with water on daily basis.