Zumba is considered as a class of group fitness which uses steps in Latin dance. This is combined with world’s music creating the experience of an aerobic dance for class members. In early 1990, Zumba is developed by a famous Latin dancer. Nowadays, it is existing all over the world. With its enhancing dance motion, most of the people desire to join resulting to the massive increase of facilities offer Zumba classes. Zumba facilities and teachers are continuously increasing and growing in number. A number of people are enjoying the benefits of the fitness workouts. With its popularity growth, it gives total credit to the efficiency of the Zumba fitness method.

Physical Activity:

Based on one of the sports medicine, overall benefit achieved by the human body are the physical activities. Moreover, the specified fitness activities have the ability to promote superior health. Innumerable physical activities such as Zumba exercise modes considered effective and best for physical fitness. Zumba is very important to the health of one’s human heart using the cardiovascular workout. Zumba calories burned when using this fitness method of aerobic dance. In other words, Zumba can easily burn fats and calories within the body by using the right method and diet plan.

Muscles and Bones:

Zumba is greatly considered an activity of weight-bearing such as running or walking. Thus, it helps improve and maintain bone density. It also includes the cool-downs and warm-ups, which helps to flexibility.

Flexibility is an important and major ingredient to prevent further injury. The intensity intervals are the effective and valuable way to challenge and test muscles, increase endurance and build strength.

Health and Dance:

Zumba is a class of fitness program, which is based on active dancing. However, it is described as “cardio-dance class”. The Zumba combined legitimate steps and dance rhythms of the forms of multicultural dances are taught through each song. Zumba incorporates merenge, tango, salsa, cha cha and belly dance. The Zumba dance classes’ effectiveness is well documented on one’s health and fitness.

Emotional and Social Health:

Various cancer health organization noted dance as therapy. Some clinical reports stated that dancing could be effective to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Since it is considered as a form of exercise, it benefits the emotional and physical features of the value of life. Zumba is a kind of exercise which is fitting.

Calories Burned:

For a person who weighs 155-pound, this person could burn 400 up to 600 calories in an hour by doing Zumba work out. However, it depends on the fitness level, age and the intensity of work out. Zumba calorie burning exercise includes the methods of hatha Yoga or water aerobics to effectively burn nearly 300 calories in an hour whereas weight lifting burns 224 calories for an hour too. An aerobic class can burn 410 calories an hour. For obese and heavier people, they have to use more stamina and energy every hour.

What to Wear when Doing Zumba

In exercising Zumba, its enthusiasts can wear any types of fitness clothes from sweat shorts, pants, t-shirts, tank tops and anything that is cool and comfortable. For shoes, you can use anything that gives you full support when doing the exercise.

It is really benefits most enthusiasts depending on how Zumba calories burned. With physical exercises, you can burn 350 to 900 calories within an hour. Thus, you can tone your muscles and helps build cardio strength. With mental exercises, you can relieve your stress and stimulate one’s brain by learning new steps and coordination. In addition, it will make you sweat and smile simultaneously. Generally, Zumba is the excellent cardio workout.