Since there is a lot of buzz going on around the Calorie Shifting Diet, I am sure everyone is familiar with the concept by now.

Not so common is the knowledge about an accelerated version of Calorie Shifting, called Beyond Calories.
It’s a very “controversial” diet which is not like any other diet, but that’s partly why it’s so much more successful than other diets.

It is slightly different from the Calorie Shifting Diet as it is based on eating HS foods and a lot easier to stick with as it gives you more food choices for one point.

So what are HS foods?

They are HIGH SATIETY FOODS, which make you feel “full” long before you really are full, and they also act to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Have you ever wondered why you’ll keep eating and eating certain foods in huge portions, and yet you don’t quite get full. Then, all of a sudden feel “sick” and “bloated” afterward….

This is happening because you are eating LOW SATIETY FOODS which don’t make you feel full until long after you’ve eaten way too much.

Once you start eating HIGH SATIETY FOODS your brain will send out signals making you feel full long before you have overeaten, and so you’ll never feel “sick” and “bloated”.

Plus, these foods will also keep you feeling satisfied for much longer, so you won’t feel the need to overeat at the next meal.

The second main point, similar to the Calorie Shifting Diet is, that most of the foods on the diet menu control GLUCOSE OUTPUT within your bloodstream.

Most of these foods are extremely HIGH IN FIBER and they also have a positive “G/I Rating” which forces
Glucose Output to be lowered to the lowest possible levels — and this forces Fast Weight Loss to happen.

Another similarity with the Calorie Shifting Diet is the unique combination of foods.

Rather than eating certain percentages of protein and carbs — this diet instead combines unique foods in a special way to force fast weight loss.

If you are on the shifting calories you are allowed to eat 4 meals per day, while with Beyond Calories you should be eating up to 6 meals each day.

Both diets do have EASY and PRACTICAL food choices, keeping people in mind, who need to bring their foods with them to work.

Calorie Shifting as well as Beyond Calories work both really well, but Beyond Calories is my personal favorite, just because it gives you more food choices and works even faster than the usual calorie shifting plan.