Cycling is dream every child holds in his/her heart till their parents grant them a bicycle. Cycling is considered fun and energizing by parents and children and slowing it becomes a part of their life. It would become a necessity even to go the park nearby to play or to the grocery store to shop for their mother. It would be considered as their friend more than a sport or a product that carries them wherever they would want to go.

Cycling is a most adaptable sport not just by boys or men; it’s even considered so by girls or women. Girls who enjoy outdoor activities may it be even cycling are considered very sporty by many. Cycling is not just considered as a sport. It is even a mode of transport for many, looking at the rising petrol rates and increasing automobile rates. They are portable and when stuck in congestion they can be lifted and moved ahead. It’s easy to pass through even a small space on the road while other vehicles would be still stuck in the traffic.

Not just men even women opt for biking, may it be on road or mountain biking or even racing. Biking is the best form of exercise to the body shaping it to be streamlined. The endurance that is required for racing on bikes comes only from the determination and courage in the mind to finish the race in lesser period of time and be focused and just look forward to the finish line. Mountain biking, demands a lot of control on the bike as well as on the body. This kind of biking is not done on plain road instead is done on rugged surface and on a particular kind of track. Pressure exerted on pedaling matters a lot as the thigh muscles become flexible and the amount of energy that is required is commendable.

For a woman to handle it requires a lot of stamina and determination. The springs present on the bikes made for women are softer allowing them to function smoother and provide swift movement while on move.

Passion is what drives a girl to take up mountain biking seriously. The seats of these bikes are upwards extended to provide easy access to apply right amount of pressure while pedaling. Hand muscles, thigh muscles and shoulder get the best form of exercise and make it flexible enough to cycle easily on the tracks that climb up and down the hill. Biking is no more just a men sport; it is now well accepted by women too. Bicycle companies develop well designed bikes especially for women by keeping certain elements like power, color, height etc. in their mind with regard to women.