I’m on a strict diet, I watch my food intake very carefully, especially the portions of the food I’m taking, still I wonder, why my weight loss is so slow. How can I speed it up a bit. Spring will be here before we know it and I need to adorn my favourite bathing suit. I shudder going to the beach looking like some of those people that should not be seen out in public wearing a bathing suit. I am 57 years old, I know I won’t ever look like I’m 25 again, but I want to look the best that is possible for my age. I have seen some women my age that have a very nice figure. How can I achieve that?

Can I make my stomach flatter by doing crunches? Doing crunches will tighten up your stomach muscles, they burn a bit of fat, but not much, but it will not give you a flat stomach. You cannot hope to get a flat stomach by doing crunches only. You still need to watch what you eat. The muscle fibers can be nice and tight, but if the fat is present between the muscles and the skin tissue,you will surely hate your tummy.

Lifting weights will not give you any serious ability to burn fat either, not unless you do exercises that work many muscles simultaneously. Not only doing curls, presses, pullups and other types of exercise will raise your heart rate enough to burn fat. They may be wonderful for toning and building muscle mass, which use up more calories than fat, but will not burn a significant amount of fat.

To burn fat, you need to raise your heart rate. Get a little out of breath. Excerpt some energy. You need to sweat a little. Weight lifting will increase your metabolism which helps, but in order to burn fat, you need to do cardio workouts.

What do you think is the best cardio workout to burn fat? I have not been jogging or running for awhile. I don’t need to start off like I’m running a marathon. That can be a good goal though. You may sign up for one and give yourself a deadline to get into shape for it. All you need to raise your heart rate and burn fat is a good walk. Start with walking about 15 minutes at a time if you are really out of shape. Do ensure to to stretch before walking. You will need to walk at a fast pace of about 3 miles an hour and this will wear on your tendons and muscles giving you a lot of pain the next day if you don’t follow your routine regularly. Sometimes even during the time you are walking you will experience pain. Listen to your body as to how far to take it. Don’t injure yourself. Then it may be a week or more before you can start to walk again.

In order to burn fat or calories, you need to have a program of cardio and diet. If doing cardio, you don’t have to do as strict of a diet but you do need to keep a close watch on your portions.

Try to find a routine that works for you. Start off slow and gradually increase your walking as you are comfortable with it. Find a partner or a pet to walk with you. Have fun, it makes this whole dieting and working out much more enjoyable.

I’m ready to pull out that bathing suit and try it on each week to see if it looks any better than the last. I know it will. It’s time to get serious and burn fat.