Everything has to age, even your skin. Careful makeup can, however, make you look up to ten years younger! The contrary is also true i.e. if you do not put on makeup wisely, it can make you look older than you actually are! Surprising? But it is true. Following are the top ten mistakes that you would want to avoid as they make you look older than your age.

  1. A Thick Foundation Can Hide the Years

False, however it could be doing quite the opposite. Foundation is a must have in your daily makeup routine. If you don’t blend it properly or you have one that doesn’t suit your skin tone, you are probably adding ten or more years to your appearance than you would want. Just make sure you get the perfect foundation for your skin chosen by an expert and then apply it in a manner that makes your skin tone appear even.

  1. A Lighter Tone Will Make Me Look Younger

You need to be very careful about the tone of your foundation as if you go for a lighter one which contrasts with your actual skin tone, your fine lines will appear more profoundly. On the other hand, a warmer tone helps to hide these lines.

  1. Conceal Your Under Eyes with a Heavy Concealer

A concealer needs to be applied exactly where the problem is, that is, under the eyes where it is dark. If you apply it under the complete eye, you will give a more artificial look. One more thing, choose water proof concealer.

  1. Do not Over do the Face Powder

Powders can make your skin look dry and rough. They also exaggerate the wrinkles. Better just use powder on the nose and the chin to reduce the shine. And never apply it on the eyes.

  1. Blush on the Apples

Do not apply blush-on on the apples of the cheek. Instead apply it on the cheek bone, on the high side and draw it upwards. Go for rosy, neutral colors as it suits most of the skin tones.

  1. Applying Lipsticks

Lip liners become more of a necessity as you grow old, since your natural lip line fades with age. Apply a liner just on the outside of your lips, defining the shape as you want it and then fill it with the lip color gently.

  1. Choosing Color of the Lipstick

With age, you might not want to choose too bright or too dark shades for your lips as they would give a very heavy look. Use gloss instead for more fullness.

  1. Mascara on the Lower Lashes

It does make your eyes look prettier, no doubt, but it also makes the crow’s feet become prominent. Apply the darkest black on the upper eye lashes but don’t overdo it. The black brings out the white of your eyes. Use a curler to curl your lashes as it makes your eyes look more youthful.

  1. Applying Liner on the Lower lashes

It will enhance your dark circles and it also makes your eyes look smaller. Instead, apply it on the edges, towards the tip on the outer corner of the eyes and make it thicker.

10. Applying shimmer

Always apply shimmer on the inner side of your eyes and never on the outside as it will highlight the fine lines in that area.