One of walking’s greatest advantages is the ability to do it anywhere. Even so, there are some places that can offer greater calorie burn than others.

Areas with lots of distractions like malls and out door shopping centers can cause you to lose focus and intensity due to constant stops. To avoid this, pick walking routs that offer views of natural scenery such as lakes or forest. You will feel more motivated to keep going to see more, rather than to stop and check out the window sale.

Also Whenever possible, try and incorporate a good sized hill in your route. No matter what your pace is, you will automatically burn more calories walking up hill than on a flat surface without even trying.

Some people like to use poles when they walk to bring more muscle activity into the trip. This can have positive effects, but do bear in mind that it takes some skill and instruction to know how to use them. Anyone can walk with poles, but it does require some skill to know how to push off from them so they help your stride, rather than just give your hands something to do. So if you are interested in using poles, be sure to do some research into the proper equipment and technique first.

Above all, the greatest calorie burn from walking comes from the fact that its low level of intensity can allow most people to walk for a long period of time. After all, the longer you do any activity the more calories you burn.

To give you the best endurance I suggest the following:

-Be sure to have water with you at all times. Nothing can cut a workout short like thirst.
– Always wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Avoid clothing’s that is too tight or hot such as black shirts on a summer day.
– It might be a good idea to bring a piece of fruit or a granola bar.

It might seem counterintuitive to eat during a workout for calorie burning, but low blood sugar will slow you down very quickly causing your calorie burning ability to plummet.
– Don’t forget sunscreen, bug repellant and sun glasses to stay comfortable and protect you from the elements.

* As with any workout, having a friend along will make things more fun and help keep you motivated to stick to a routine.
* Don’t underestimate the power of music. Portable music and be your best friend on a nice long and relaxing walk.

Be fit and live free,