If you are a vegetarian, most likely you are already familiar with the advantages of following a vegan diet.  Sometimes vegetarians are looked upon as animal rights extremists, and this may be the case with some, but there are many health benefits that come with being a vegan, which result in prevention of some of the major diseases among people in North America.  If you are considering becoming a vegetarian for personal reasons or being advised to change your lifestyle by a doctor, here are some advantages of following the diet:

Reduced Saturated Fat.  Dairy and meat contain high amounts of saturated fat so you will be greatly improving your cardiovascular health by limiting this.
Antioxidants.  They will help protect the body and it is a good way in helping to fight some forms of cancer.
Better Quality Protein.  Yes, meat holds tons of protein but many Americans get too much protein in the form of red meat, which is not a healthy way of meeting your protein needs.  Beans, nuts and soy are all great ways to get the right amount of protein in your diet.
Lower Cholesterol.  When you eliminate any product that comes from an animal you are automatically lowering your cholesterol.
Lower Blood Pressure.  Eating a vegan diet rich in whole grains with will lower your blood pressure.
Eliminate your chance of getting E Coli.  E Coli comes from eating contaminated red meat and you can eliminate that concern when you become a vegetarian.

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