Easy and tasty recipes can be a lifesaver at anytime, but especially when there are unexpected situations where everyone decides to gather at your home. There could be little time to bring together any type of meal, let alone a healthy and filling one. By using what ingredients you have at home, and a little creativity for that personal touch, you can throw together a banquet in a matter of minutes. Let’s take a quick look at some of the possibilities.

There should be plans to have quiet moments where just the two of you have dinner, alone. This is not the best time to spend all your energy cooking and working on a meal, all day long. Something quick and simple would be every bit as filling, and a little creativity might result in an evening well worth remembering.

Broccoli stir fry is easy to prepare, and any additional ingredients can be added. Pork is not the only meat which can be served in these preparations, chicken, turkey and beef, are also good choices, and additional veggies can make a meal that has a nice surprise awaiting everyone. Mini muffins can be prepared for a desert, and choose a favorite type of coffee drinks to flavor them up.

Several fruits and vegetables can be combined to create wonderful recipes that might please the guests at any party. Apples and onions might not sound so good if they are the only two items being served, but combine them with a beef pot roast and now you have a center piece which makes everyone sit up and take notice.

Cool whip can help in making light and easy deserts which are not that loaded with calories. Blending in some fruits, and an assortment of chopped nuts might be exactly what the dinner guest are waiting for. It doesn’t take a long time to come up with simple recipes which look good, and taste even better, when it is necessary to have fast at home creations.

Simple and delicious could start with a nice minestrone, and then a slow cooked brisket. Potatoes au gratin as a side dish and a healthy whole vegetable salad would be sufficiently filling. Top everything off with a nice desert at the end of the meal of an Almond Chocolate Torte, and settle in for an evening of enjoyment.

Easy deserts can be as simple as using gelatin, and any one of many choices of fruits, or veggies, to create individual servings, or a self serve dish. Just about any selection of food items can be used to make deserts which are sure to please those who are invited to a party, or family get together. Deserts can also be served anytime, instead of immediately after a meal.

Easy and tasty recipes are simply a matter of thinking about the things you like to eat, and then coming up with a list of ingredients which can make use of your creativity. There are also many cookbooks which can help add to the ideas, and planning any get together can be a memory for all who attend.